Coaches Corner

Umpire Information
Name Phone Number
Head Umpire
Todd Jukes 814-323-5262
13/14 Age Division Umpires
Pau Jones 814-450-7055
Paul Jones Jr.  814-790-2318
Chris Rosato 714-851-0927
9/10 & 11/12 Age Division Umpires
Sebastian Brown 814-566-3845
Adam Conn 814-823-2188
Billy Jukes 814-969-9124
Aidan Michaelis 814-450-7055
Brandon Simmons 814-812-3535
Henry Salvo 814-397-8931

All 9/10, 11/12 Boys and Girls, and 13/14 Boys Baseball games have a Home Plate Umpire scheduled.  In the event that a games is cancelled/postponed, the home team Coach should first contact the Umpire originally scheduled to see if they can upmire on the rescheduled date.  If not, then the head coach will contact others in the division.  If none of the other umpires can match up with their schedule, please contact Todd Jukes.

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