When does the season start?
The first practice will start in the middle of February and is referred to as "Open Gym".  Team practices will be determined once teams are drafted.  Your assigned coach will then determine what days and times practices will be.

When does the season end?
The season wraps up the 2nd week in June.  Some games may filter into the 3rd week.  This is for ALL divisions except T-ball.  They may end a week early.

What is "Open Gym"
Open gym is a time for all interested players to begin practice, indoors (since February and March in Northwest PA are not ideal months for playing baseball/softball outside).

While it is not mandatory it is highly recommended as this is the time the league and coaches have an opportunity to instruct your children on proper fielding, throwing and batting techniques.  We also, as a league, use this time to evaluate players to ensure they are placed in the proper division based on skills and abilities.

When is open gym?
Open gyms usually start in the middle of February and will run through middle of April.  They will be held at McKean Elementary and Edinboro Elementary schools.