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If you wish to help defer some or all of your registration costs, you came to the right place.

Please read below for more details on our Lucky Lotto Fundraising if you are unfamiliar with how it works.

If you are familiar with the process, please complete this form Lucky Lotto Form so we can order your booklets!


Similar to last year, we will use Olde Country Lucky Lotto as our fundraising venue.  Lucky Lotto uses a ticket booklet containing 40 tickets per book.  Cost for a booklet is $25.  $65 will be collected if all 40 tickets are sold.  Whatever you keep!  What a great opportunity!!!

There are scratch off spots ranging from FREE to $3.00.  A person who wishes to buy a ticket, scratches off a spot to see how much that ticket will cost.  Based on what they scratch, they pay the amount shown and then fill out a ticket.  They receive the numbered ticket as proof of purchase and you keep the completed ticket to turn into the league for prize drawings at the end of the season.  Below is an example of a booklet.

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