Team Volunteer Descriptions

In an effort to help our McLane Little League, we ask that parents of the players pitch in and help out wherever they can. Our coaches have dedicated a huge amount of time to coach our kids – many are giving up time spent with their own families or at work. We ask that parents of players also volunteer some time doing other activities so that we can all work together to make this a great year for your kids. We understand that not everyone can coach but there are ways you can help support your child’s team and MLL.

Brief descriptions of a few of the ways you can help are listed below:

Head Coach/Assistant Coach
The coaching staff is ultimately responsible for the team. They must be able to dedicate the required time, possess patience, and have a basic knowledge of the game. The coaches draft the team, plan and run the practices, organizes team volunteers (team parents, scorekeeper, arranges for umpires, etc.), coaches the team, and are the primary contacts between the league and the team. It is strongly encouraged that coaches and assistant coaches participate in open gyms and attend the yearly safety meeting. All coaches must have their clearances submitted prior to open-gym.

Team Parent
A team parent is someone who wants to help out with the team any way he/she can. They may help during practices and games, volunteer to umpire when necessary, keep score if needed, coordinate snack schedules, help with coordination of concession stand volunteers, etc.

Field Clean-Up Volunteer
This is a pre-season event. At the beginning of the season, McLane Little League identifies one day as field clean-up day. As a part of the field clean-up, you may be asked to rake/shovel dirt, clean the concession stand, repair fences, install bases, install the batting cage, and perform other field preparation activities.

Concession Stand Volunteer
Each team is responsible for taking a turn volunteering in the concession stand. During at least one home game, parents are asked to rotate 1-hour shifts in the concession stand. Because the profits from the concession stand help to off-set registration costs, it is vital everyone takes their turn. Because not all are able to man the concession stand during their game, we often need additional volunteers. As a concession stand volunteer, you will collect money, serve patrons, and any other related activity.